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What does this mean?

What is a block?

A block is a measure tool used to protect Zombiepedia from other possible learning breach activities or editorial policies. Blocks can apply to an account, IP address, or a range of IP addresses that is not fit for persons. The reason for your block may be found above. If you have been blocked from creating an account, you may request a username by using this form. We apologize for inconvenience that has happened.

Most common causes

  • Your IP address is not fit for persons.
  • Your IP address ( is in a range that is not for any people that shared any network.


What do I do now?

You may continue to know the block, but most Zombiepedia blocks are possible. This may also cause an autoblock. For technical reasons, removing the autoblock is not possible. Instead, you may need to wait 24 hours for the autoblock to finish. If you never edited Zombiepedia and you do not have an account, consider creating one.


Alternatively, you may appeal the block by adding:

{{unblock|your reason here}}

to the bottom of your talk page. Remember to replace your reason here with why you think you should be unblocked. If you find you cannot edit your talk page, maybe someone may have disabled your talk page access. If Chernobyl is not blocked, your IP address ( or range may have been blocked. If you appeal it for your range, please add:

{{unblock-ip|1=|2=<nowiki>no reason given</nowiki>|3=Dave Bansg}}

to the bottom of your talk page.

Please note: When repeating the {{unblock}} template too many times when it is declined, personal attacks, or rudeness, will lead to your talk page access being removed.


Additional information

E-mailing us

Note: When emailing us, please note that your IP address needs an account.

To request unblocking:


To request an account:

Note: your preferred username must not be listed as already taken here, and must comply with our username policy.

Even though e-mails sent to the unblock-sa-l mailing list are viewable only by administrators and trusted volunteers, under no circumstances should you e-mail us your account's password or reveal it to anyone else even if asked to. When requesting an account, a temporary password will be generated and e-mailed to you. Please change the password on your new account as soon as possible. You may contact [email protected]


⚠ IMPORTANT: Please do not e-mail us without providing the information requested above. We will always require that information to help you. This list exists for the purpose of reviewing blocks only—any request to make edits to articles on your behalf will be disregarded. Correspondence containing legal threats, personal attacks or rudeness is likely to be ignored and may result in the extension of pre-existing blocks.