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«No prob, Bob!»

- Scoop's catchphrase
Name: Scoop the Digger
Color: Yellow
Bio: "Scoop is a backhoe loader. Scoop is the leader of the machines."

«Muck to the rescue!»

- Muck's catchphrase
Name: Muck the Dump Truck
Color: Red
Bio: "Muck is a bulldozer with additional dumping bed. Muck often acts before thinking and subsequently gets in trouble for it."

«Er, yeah, I think so!»

- Lofty's catchphrase
Name: Lofty the Crane
Color: Blue
Bio: "Lofty is a crane. Lofty lacks the confidence shown by the others; he is hesitant and timid, but with the encouragement of the team comes through in the end."

«Rock 'n' roll!»

- Roley's catchphrase
Name: Roley the Steamroller
Color: Green
Bio: "Roley is a road roller who loves to make up songs and frequently spins his eyes when he is excited."


- Dizzy's catchphrase
Name: Dizzy the Cement Mixer
Color: Orange
Bio: "Dizzy is a concrete mixer. Dizzy is portrayed as the youngest in the yard. She is eager, curious, and easily excitable."